Glowing eyes from across the room/Haunting me/What am I going to do/Shattered glass in the dead of night/Catch my breath/Tryin to hold on tight/Something strange has taken hold/What it is/I just don’t know/The time has come he’s on me now/Struggling, there’s no way out/CHORUS  Now, the walls are caving in/I’m trapped inside my mind/He comes in close and says my name/Will I see the dawn again/The door is shut/The shadows fall/Whispering with my back against the wall/Try to move through frozen tears/Don’t be afraid, he says my dear/He kissed my lips/I taste his skin/It’s dangerous, I can’t let him win/The fire burns my sole ignites/I have the choice it’s time to fight/Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, yea/CHORUS  Now, the walls are caving in/I’m trapped inside my mind/He comes in close and says my name/Will I see the dawn again/No, I’ll keep running till I’m free from your web/Won’t look back till I can’t feel your grin/I hear that song and know what’s ahead/Coming back like a creature from the dead/CHORUS (x2).




SPOKEN  I know you’ve been hurting/But there’s always another way/It’s been so long since you felt O.K./You try to be strong but you just couldn’t shake/So I bury my face in a hood of black/Tried to beat the sounds so I don’t look back/Tryin to hide my ink stained eyes/Waiting and wishing somebody here/Everything I’m screaming falls on deaf ears/Suddenly the cage I built in my head/Keepin my demon deep within has shattered/Now he’s free/CHORUS  It’s a crying shame/You sell your emotions/Your sole you can save/It’s a crying shame/No one to hear you/No one to blame/It’s a crying shame/Feel like I’ve been stumblin down this road/Decide to cross the street/Yet no one knows/That behind the smile/It’s a cry for help/If you try to tell them you know what they’d see/She’s sad and confused/They’re judging me/She’s a loner/She’s a freak/So I’ll lock myself way/Say the last words I need to say/Take a deep breath it’ll be O.K./It’s funny how fast the world fades out/Nothing left here but whispers of doubt/This can’t be the end/CHORUS/Lost and broken/Rest your sole then/Don’t give up on me/I will guide you/No, I’m inside you/You will never see the light of day again/Open up and let me in/CHORUS  It’s a crying shame/They don’t believe you/You can’t make you see/It’s a crying shame.


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